Welcome to the website!

Who are we?

The bicyclists who make up Pendleton on Wheels are ordinary people with an extraordinary love of cycling. We are old, young, short, tall, overweight, or skinny.  Some are tri-athletes, some are endurance cyclists, some like to ride on dirt, some of us are really fast, and some of us are really slow; lots of us are somewhere in the middle.

We are dedicated early Saturday morning hammerheads. We wear lycra and high tech fabric. We also wear cut-offs, sweats, and tee-shirts. We have road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, tandems or touring bikes. Some of us have all of the above!

We are glued to the television during the Tour de France. We love to talk about the latest cycling adventure, and we live vicariously through each other's cycling joys and woes. We send out emails and we keep each other informed of rides, vicious dogs, and the latest gadgets.

We are friendly. We love to have new people join us on whatever level they choose. Come meet us; you won't be sorry.